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The Automotive

Auto Window

Tinting the windows on your vehicle will reduce glare, improve AC function & increase shatter resistance. It is equipped to handle your automotive tinting needs.

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Commercial Grade Window

Commercial Window Tinting

Enhance the look of your storefront or office building with commercial grade window film. Tinting will minimize glare, foster productivity, reduce cooling.

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Residential window tenting

Residential Window Tinting

You can enjoy natural lighting without sacrificing privacy! Residential window tenting can dramatically increase the day and nighttime privacy of your home.

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steering wheel

Mobile Tinting Service

No need to orchestrate complicated logistics. Shady Slim can come to you! You must be parked within an enclosed space, and a $20 travel fee will apply.

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Window tinting can significantly improve your comfort.

Window film can block up to 70% of

uncomfortable solar heat.

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